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6 ways your top Beverly Hills Realtor streamlines the home selling process

Beverly Hills

Few addresses are as prestigious and well-known as Beverly Hills. It’s also one of the most coveted places to live, with its sprawling estates, sparkling mansions, hillside residences with breathtaking views, exclusive neighborhoods, and celebrity manors. The vibrant nightlife, dining, and shopping scene also make Beverly Hills even more desirable.

This is good news for homeowners who want to put their property on the market. To make sure they attract qualified buyers and stand out in the competitive Beverly Hills market, working with a top Beverly Hills Realtor is key. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of finding and hiring the right Realtor.

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Stunning Home

One of many stunning homes for sale in Beverly Hills. Contact your local real estate broker to fast track the sale of your home.

Beverly Hills may always be desirable, but it’s also competitive. Market trends may favor either buyers or sellers at certain times, which makes working with a top Beverly Hills Realtor even more important. The best agents who know how markets work will devise strategies and apply solutions that will be to the seller’s advantage.

In January 2024, for example, the average listing price for single-family homes in the area was approximately $6 million, with the median sold price at about half of that at $3.3 million. According to the neighborhood ranking website, about 92% of homes in Beverly Hills cost upwards of $750,000. Homes stay on the market for about 77 days before being sold.

With the city now in a buyer’s market, the number of homes for sale exceeds the overall demand. Note that such trends can change depending on a variety of factors. Thus the market can become balanced again and eventually turn into a seller’s market. Track market changes here.

In the meantime, selling in a buyer’s market means relying on your top Beverly Hills Realtor to:

  • Find what makes your home better than other listings
  • Find the kind of buyers looking for the standout features of your home
  • Keep negotiations open as long as possible
  • Calibrate your selling price based on optional repairs or upgrades

A buyer’s market can also work in a seller’s favor, allowing you to buy the next home you plan to move to at lower rates as well.

To give sellers an overview of the real estate landscape of Beverly Hills, know that:

  • Beverly Hills has a wide array of property types. The most common are single-family homes, which offer privacy and space, especially since individual properties or residential areas are gated for security and privacy reasons, Other property types in the area include condominiums, townhouses, and multi-family homes.
  • Beverly Hills has a wide array of architectural styles. The most popular home styles are Spanish Colonial, Tudor Revival, Mid-Century Modern, French Chateau, Contemporary, Colonial Revival, and Modernist. The Spanish Colonial style is iconic in Beverly Hills with its clay tile roofs, arched doorways and windows, wrought iron details, and spacious courtyards, patios, and balconies.
  • The typical luxury amenities in Beverly Hills include pools, home gyms, entertainment rooms, outdoor entertaining areas, multiple-car garages, and security systems. Priceless views are another desired feature, with the best homes offering a panoramic sweep of LA, the scenic canyons or ravines of the Santa Monica Mountains, spectacular sunsets, and glimpses of the glittering Pacific Ocean.


Sold Signage

Whatever the state of the real estate market, selling a home in Beverly Hills is always noteworthy.

For the buyer, it’s a chance to own an iconic home or move into a state-of-the-art custom build. For the seller, it’s a rite of passage, handing over the stewardship of a historic location or allowing a new generation of owners to experience the best of what the property has to offer.

The fascination for Beverly Hills has never waned. It is home to the second priciest zip code in the US, 90210. American legends like Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra lived there. Taylor Swift once bought a house in 2015, and Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped $88 million for an 8-bedroom family home with an 11-car garage back in 2017.

With neighbors like that and a real estate pedigree that’s unmatched, Beverly Hills remains the neighborhood of choice for the wealthiest buyers here and abroad. In January 2024, Realtor listed 281 homes for sale in Beverly Hills, and 347 rentals. The availability simply underlines the fact that homeowners thinking of selling their Beverly Hills property should make their FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Question Mark with Speech Bubbles

If you’re thinking about working with a Realtor to sell your homes in Beverly Hills, here are some of the most frequently asked questions you should know about:

Aside from selling my house, what other things can an agent help me with?

Not all Realtors are created equal. Some are effective at simply sticking to the job they’re hired to do; others go the extra mile. When you’re interviewing agents to work with, ask them what their service entails. It will help you manage your expectations.

Below are some of the standard responsibilities and tasks your Realtor should be able to provide based on what sellers expect from their agents, which the American Society of Home Inspectors identified as “trust, communication, knowledge, professionalism, commitment to customer service, and accuracy in representation.”

  • Provide home consultation for the seller
  • Give the seller their professional opinion about the home’s value
  • Refer contractors for repairs and spruce-ups
  • Market the property (including setting up a professional website and hiring photographers and videographers to showcase the property)
  • Host open houses and schedule private showings
  • Coordinate communication among all the parties involved
  • Makes sure there are no problems at closing
  • Help sellers complete forms and submit documents for closing

How do I find a good Realtor in my area?

You can use a couple of methods to find a top Realtor in Beverly Hills. These include:

How do I choose from several qualified Realtors?

Interviewing a Realtor helps you gauge their expertise, knowledge, experience, and professionalism. You need results so you need someone who can deliver. You’ll also want someone who can represent you at the negotiation table and feel at ease with. . An interview will help you determine if you have a good dynamic with your potential Realtor.

How are Realtors paid?

Realtors and agents on both sides of the real estate transaction are paid a commission at the very end of the sale. They receive about 5% to 6% of the sold price, which is split between your selling agent and the buyer’s agent. Sellers usually pay the commission fee, which can be significant especially in a luxury enclave like Beverly Hills.

Often, however, the commission is built into the sale price of the property.

You can also negotiate commissions, especially if you have a high-value property as those found in Beverly Hills. You can also offer to work with the same agent when you buy your next home.

When is the best time to hire a Realtor?

It takes time to sell a home so it’s essential to find a Realtor quite early – around three months before your target sell date. This will allow the Realtor to assess your home, advise you on repairs and other upgrades that will improve its value or make it more competitive, and market it to qualified high-end buyers.

When is the best time to sell?

The best time to sell your house depends on location, personal urgency, and market factors.

In general, the best time of the year to sell your home is in the spring and summer months, specifically May, June, and April. However, peak and slow seasons are somewhat undefined in the South and West, where temperatures are moderate.

However, an experienced Realtor in Beverly Hills can offer you the best advice on when to sell. Lean into their expertise to make the most of your transaction.


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