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Brentwood is often confused with the city of Brentwood in the San Francisco Bay Area. LA’s Brentwood was once part of the Rancho San Vicente and Santa Monica land grant. The Brentwood area began its development within the small community of Westgate, in the late 19th century. Westgate Avenue remains a reminder of this. Many local streets are in fact named after British regions like Barrington, Bristol and Gorham, yet the neighborhood has no connection to Brentwood, England. Brentwood is known for its 1961 fire, which fanned by the Santa Ana winds, spread into Brentwood. Though 22% percent of homes were destroyed (484 homes), no one was killed. The fire however burned 16,090 acres of land and caused damages worth approximately $30 million. Today, Brentwood is known as one of the wealthiest areas of LA, populated by affluent professionals, political figures and celebrities. Ocean Park is a friendly, artsy neighborhood with a wide variety of stores, galleries, coffee shops and a culinary arts restaurant. Known for O.J. Simpson, the area received a great deal of negative publicity in 1994 when all media eyes turned on it for coverage of the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder trials. Overlooked by world-renowned museum, The Getty Center, Brentwood nestles into the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. Its proximity to high art matches its tendency toward high style—boutiques bedecked in chaise lounges and plush armchairs define Brentwood’s au courant commercialism. When its residents aren’t busy perusing the neighborhood’s shopping promenades, they’re jogging in Lulu Lemon, tending to immaculate gardens, and supporting local artisans at Brentwood’s farmers’ market. Looking for the beach? Santa Monica is a short drive away. Clutch Abode has many inquiries from clients desiring Brentwood. People want to be within walking distance to the Brentwood Village! The area that is close to Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Century City and Beverly Hills makes people of all walks pulled into this direction.